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Wearable accountability

Doc Huckleberry

Since 2008

Since 2008

Wear political Shade, Support a documentary that exposes the truth


When the order came in to “shelter in place” or to “stay home, save lives”, we did. If it was going to help save our fellow Americans, we were in. It didn’t take long however for things to just not add up. We packed our bags, cameras and headed out. We had no clue what we were going to find. What we did find changed us all as people. Things we’d heard but didn’t believe were true. The wholesome image we had of the United States was a farce. It’s time for our fellow Americans to know what was happening a they shelted in place.

The Documentary

What went down when you were told to shelter in place?

  • Documented NYC blue print being used to create propaganda and narratives which is centered around marking all deaths as Covid-19, allowing patients not infected by Covid-19 to become infected by Covid-19 in the hospital system, the state recruiting small town nurses from small family practices for $6,000/wk to work in the busiest ERs in the country, typically hospital systems use recruiters such as RNNetwork to fill such positions and they would never make these kind of placements,  RNNetwork has sued shadow agencies not realizing they are run by the state of NY, medical examiners not going to death scenes, labeling all deaths as Covid-19 and having military pickup the bodies without proper investigation.
  • Evidence of this EXACT blue print being implemented in Michigan AFTER curve was flattened.
  • Small town hospital workers are shocked by the amount of death in a city of 8.6 millions and therefore relay genuine, unintentional misinformation all over.
  • Small town hospital workers have no ties to the community and are more likely to cave to hospital administrators requests over considering whats best for the patient.


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Crowdfunding Our Fight Against Censorship

Regardless of whether its now branded as “misinformation” the content Facebook & Google are silencing is still free speech

“Facebook/Google is a private business so you’re entitled to free speech”

If you’re a free thinker, I have little doubt you’ve had the words above or something similar barked at you by a supporter of fascism as they call you a fascist. I mean, the argument sounds logical…if those same organizations hadn’t used free speech to avoid billions of dollars in lawsuits. What I’m referring to are their protections of under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which states:

“No provider or user of an interactive computer shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another informtion content provider.”

I feel, based on evidence of new policies (shared by Facebook & Google) depicted below, they (FB/Goog) have forfeited their Section 230 protections that they have hidden behind to silence and ruin the lives of conservatives such as myself for years. I’ll show you what I mean below…


We are under attack by the thought police


“My personal privacy is like knock knock joke to them (deep state/tech giants) at this point”

Director of The WHOhan PlannedDEMic